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If you’re in the market for fresh, farm-direct, seasonal, local and organic produce, hard-to-find special diet foods, green home goods, locally produced artisan foods, clean & chemical-free cosmetics and real supplements, then we’re the market for you.


We don’t see ourselves as just a market. We see ourselves as a movement, too.

We know what you buy, where you shop, what you value, how you live, and how you spend your dollars has a massive impact on our communities. We never forget that we here to be a business you can feel good doing business with.​

we dig doing the right thing

For decades, independent natural food stores have been at the forefront of providing healthy alternatives for our communities and the planet as a whole.

While many of the original, sometimes alternative, values have gotten more mainstream, how do we as an independent retailer, continue to advance and broaden our missions?

Last year, our national retailers association, INFRA commissioned a film from Story Gorge to share our story.

This film that takes a look out our leaders, our philosophies, and our evolving values from how we hire, to dealing with food waste, saving the bees, and advancing representation on our shelves, and in our stores.

Shopping for food products should be easy. We don’t let any of the bad stuff in our stores.

We’ve got just enough of almost everything you need in an easy and comfortable shop.

We go beyond just groceries. We choose commodities with a conscience so you can too.

We’re centrally located in the heart of the East Bay. We’re easy to get to and totally worth it.

WE DIG real food

The strictest product standards


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You can shop knowing you will NOT find any of the following in our products throughout the store:

No chemically processed foods
No synthetic ingredients, fillers, sweeteners or additives
No hydrogenated oil (no trans fats)

No non-organic refined white sugar
No products containing monosodium
No chemical food coloring
No chemical preservatives

we dig doing our part

We’re proud to be an essential business rooted in our homegrown community of Alameda and the East Bay. We’re here to be a place to be a place of civic good that you can feel great shopping at. We made a little video way back in 2019. Show your friends what they’re missing. 

we dig getting to share it with you

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we dig our families, our neighbors, our village, our crew.

meet the family

Alameda Natural Grocery in the Alameda Marketplace is our flagship store. From our scrappy start in 2003 we have grown into a small regional business, East Bay Natural Grocers, Inc. With a few expansions and contractions we now consist of two beloved grocery stores. Visit our sister store in Castro Valley.

Castro Valley Natural Grocery Produce Section

keeping good company

We like to align ourselves with groups and organizations that support independent business, fight our climate crisis, and make the world a healthier and happier place.

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