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Only Good Gifts

only good gifts at alameda natural grocery

You may not think of your neighborhood natural grocer as a source for great gifts, but we are! Aside from great food, we have kitchen tools and housewares, reusables, candles, mittens, undies even, beauty products, and much more. You really could find something for almost anyone on your list. This […]

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Call for Climate Toolkit

#CALL4CLIMATENOW: JOIN BUSINESSES & CUSTOMERS CAMPAIGNING FOR CLIMATE ACTION! Right now in Washington, our legislatures are busy debating the most important climate legislation in a generation. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Infrastructure package and the accompanying Build Back Better Act are a major opportunity to provide critical funding to the broad array […]

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Why is Fair Trade important?


OCTOBER IS FAIR TRADE MONTH. WHY IS FAIR TRADE IMPORTANT? Everything that is produced has an impact on the land and the people that depend on it. Producers feel the direct effect the most, and Fair Trade principles are there to make sure that traditionally impoverished and exploited people are not […]

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