Call for Climate Toolkit

 Right now in Washington, our legislatures are busy debating the most important climate legislation in a generation. 

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Infrastructure package and the accompanying Build Back Better Act are a major opportunity to provide critical funding to the broad array of interconnecting issues we’re facing nationwide; including education, child care, health care, taxes, immigration, and the environment, with the climate crisis change taking central role through all of it.

Like us, many of you are concerned about the growing threat posed by the climate emergency. There are solutions, but the window is closing, and there is both strong public support for and strong political opposition to this bill. So we must act now.

As a company, our ability to sell foods depends on a stable climate. So we’re joining the Climate Collaborative  their partners, and over 160 businesses across the United States calling on Congress to take bold climate action right now!

It’s critical to speak now, before more gets cut.

It’s going to take all of our voices to pass these bills, and bring its promises into reality! Thankfully, there are incredible resources to get us all started.
The Climate Collaborative, in partnership with Ceres, B Lab, Snowsports Industries America, the American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), and 1% for the Planet, have put together a toolkit at, with a script you can read and a number to call that will get you in touch with your representative.
You can even call during off hours, on weekends or evenings, and leave a message if that’s more comfortable for you. Or if you’re ready, call 202-951-7780 now and tell them why passing the full bill – with all of its remaining provisions – is a priority for you.

The great news is that by tackling climate change we will be creating a healthier, more equitable nation and economy. East Bay Natural Grocers, Inc. is proud to be a part of the solution. We have multiple sustainability projects in store to help us reduce food waste, save energy, “ditch the disposables”, support local and BIPOC owned businesses, and choose sustainable practices and products when we can.

But simply addressing personal climate impacts are no longer enough. We are joining other businesses from across the U.S. by calling our lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to urge them to take bold action on climate NOW.

We invite you to join us. Go to, Call your lawmakers, let them know that you support bold efforts to address the threat of a changing climate.

It’s easy, matters enormously, and absolutely makes a difference. It feels GOOD to take action however you can, and you will know you did something important.

We proudly carry some of the amazing brands who are leading the way on climate including: Numi, Dr. Bronner’s, Nature’s Path, Ben & Jerry’s, CLIF bar, Amy’s, Mountain Rose Herbs, Le’Parfait, Saffron Road, Veritable Vegetable, Moonshot, Lundberg, Navitas, REBBL, World Centric, Sierra Nevada, Lotus Foods, and others.

Thank you to the Climate Collaborative for spearheading this campaign, and to our customers for calling, shopping, and fighting climate change with us!

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