we dig only good things.

We dig the farmers and the stewards. We dig the lovers, the dreamers, and the teachers. We dig the agitators and the innovators, the peacemakers and the makers. We dig our mothers and our fathers. We dig the artisans and the healers. We dig our families, our neighbors, our village, our crew. We dig our elders. We dig our youth. We dig the doers. We dig you.

We dig the soil, the stones, the animals and all the elements. We dig planting trees and healing plants. We dig the pollinators and the producers. We dig real food and good taste. We dig it when it’s fresh, we dig it when it’s local. We dig it when the juice runs down our chin. We dig our amazing planet and we dig the life it gives. We dig it when the earth is renewed and nurtured. We dig it when it’s respected.

We dig the seasons. We dig the sun and rain. We dig the wind and wide open spaces. We dig the harvest and we dig the hearth. We dig our Golden State. and we dig the Island life. We dig seeing the world as a classroom. We dig being at home. We dig picnics, parades, celebrations and solitude. We dig learning from nature. We dig that life is everywhere you look.

We dig abundance and sharing. We dig character and we dig compassion. We dig open hearts and open minds. We dig contentment & self-improvement. We dig gratitude and giving back. We dig learning, listening, loving and living mindfully. We dig growth, and we dig going with your gut. We dig our past, and we dig our brighter futures. We dig our wisdom and our innocence. We dig the legacies we can leave. We dig being in the now, and we dig getting to share it with you.

We dig doing the right thing. We dig doing it every day. We dig health, wellness and helping. We dig empowerment and inspiration. We dig that we each have our role, and we dig it when people find their way. We dig our privilege and our responsibilities. We dig our opportunity. We dig serving you and your families. We dig doing our part. We dig that honor. We dig your wonderful life.

We Dig Only Good Things


Can You Dig It?    Dig In

good things await you

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