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Beyond Just Groceries. Choose Commodities with a Conscience.

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The choices you make matter a lot.

Who you do business with, what you buy and how you consume have an immense impact on the community and the world.

It’s not often enough we truly consider the impact of our buying decisions and what that means in the big picture.

We’ve made it our mission to bring all those smart choices to you in one location. And to also be a business you can feel good about doing business with.

All of our business decisions are based on three main things; is it good for you, is it good for the planet, and is it good for our local & global communities?

If it’s not, you won’t find it in our store. Simple as that.

we dig contentment & self-improvement

Our health is the most critical thing to our happiness, but it doesn’t always get the attention it’s deserved. We’re just as guilty as anyone of not always doing what’s best for our bodies. It’s hard. Habits are lost, or were never properly learned. We often find ourselves short on time and motivation.

Eating can become a thing we just need to do a couple of times a day and not a special part of our lives. Exercise can be another task in your busy day.

The benefits of living a healthy life are huge though. Not only are you less at risk for bad things, but you’re also able to create more positive benefits into your life.

It’s been part of our mission from our beginning as a small vitamin shop through our development into two full-service markets to have health at the center of what we do. We’re here to support you through making things that are good for you more accessible. By choosing clean foods and goods, as close to nature as possible, you will get more of what our bodies need.

We want for you what we want for ourselves, our friends and our families. We want you around for a long time, living full and happy and healthy lives.

While we can’t help you to make sure you exercise, not yet anyway, we can provide you with a huge selection of healthy foods and supplements fully vetted on our strict standards. And that’s a pretty great thing

we dig it when the earth is renewed & nurtured. we dig it when it's respected.

The Climate Crisis is real and it’s causing our humanity to be pushed to the precipice. It’s not a matter of saving the Earth, the planet will still be here, but a matter of making sure it’s still habitable to life as we know it. Our Climate Emergency effects us all, but has profound impact on our most vulnerable communities. Food production and industry has an enourmous role in the outcome of the next decade. Not only in how it’s produced, what we choose to consume, but also, what are we going to have to eat? It’s baout getting back to caring for the land, the pollinators, the watershed and the air. We fight for that in as many ways as we can. The products we carry seek to reflect that that fight, and we also look to go eco-friendly wherever and whenever we can. We’re always looking to reduce our carbon footprint while upping our positive environmental impact too.

It’s more than recylcing and compost.

Some interesting facts about us & The Marketplace

  • We’re Alameda’s only Certified Green grocery store
  • We’ve been told we produce the least amount of waste of any grocer in Alameda
  • We are the number one producer of organic waste in Alameda (Not that we like to waste anything, it just means, we keep the most compostable goods out of the landfills)
  • 100% of our power is derived from renewable resources
  • Our restrooms conserve on average 400 gallons of water a day compared to comparable bathrooms using conventional plumbing
  • For the past 12+ years we have recycled all of our packing peanuts. By weight, it totals the equivalent of a fully-grown elephant

we dig doing the right thing. we dig doing it every day.


As a conscious consumer, you often make your purchasing decisions based more on who is the company behind the product. What do they stand for, what’s their environmental impact, what are their practices and beliefs? Do they provide real value or just more disposable stuff?

We’re like that too. When we make a decision to carry a product or not to, one of the three critical factors we look at is who is the company behind the product. Do they contribute positively to our health, the health of the environment and do they have a mission to do social good?

Perhaps the best way to get what we’re all about is to read our manifesto. You can do that here.

Our primary areas corporate responsibilities include your health, environmentalism and treating employees, producers and communities fairly.

Perhaps the best way to get what we’re all about is to read our manifesto. You can do that here.

good things await you

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