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Change Things for Local Nonprofits

A new program to raise money for local nonprofits

Rounding up at the registers with our CHANGE THINGS program is an easy way to make donations to great causes. We have chosen a nonprofit doing GOOD THINGS in our community to support each month. Simply round up to the nearest dollar (or more) at checkout and all donations will go directly to these organizations.

Our 2020 Change Things Nonprofits

We have chosen our nonprofits for 2020. Each month we will match up to 100% of the customer contributions.

Some nonprofits subject to change

2020 Local Nonprofit Customer Donations Total Donation
January Mandela Partners $3,134.21 $4,701.32
February UnCommon Law $2,859.93 $4,289.90
March Planting Justice $2,940.38 $4,410.57
April Alameda Natural Grocery Employee Tips
May AUSD Student Lunch Debt
June Bay Area Wilderness Training
July Youth vs Apocalypse
August Rhythmix Cultural Works
September Swing Left
October Community Action for a Sustainable Alameda (CASA)
November Bay Area Music Project
December Alameda Food Bank
2020 Total (through March) $8,934.52 $13,401.78

Our 2019 Change Things Nonprofits

2019 Local Nonprofit Customer Donations Total Donation
January Alameda Food Bank $262.21 $524.42
February Food Shift $571.28 $1,142.56
March Midway Shelter $529.74 $1,059.48
April Punks with Lunch $1,635.91 $2,453.87
May Rhythmix Cultural Works $1,772.41 $2,658.62
June Wardrobe for Opportunity $1,404.61 $2,106.92
July Alameda County Beekeepers Association $1,480.24 $2,220.36
August Kids for the Bay $1,288.58 $1,932.87
September Centro Legal de la Raza $1,307.78 $1,961.67
October Oakland LGBTQ Community Center $1,577.81 $2,366.72
November Bay Area Music Project $1,703.75 $2,555.63
December Boys and Girls Club of Alameda $1,760.66 $2,640.99
2019 Total $15,294.97 $23,624.10

This program is only a part of our larger philanthropic efforts which consist of product and financial contributions to local schools, nonprofits, and causes to support equity, the environment, food security, and a better future for our youth.

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