ditching disposables

good things guide: ditching disposables

So you’re ready to start reducing the number of single-use plastics and other disposable products in your life, for a healthier world and a healthier you.

It is a big step towards preserving our environment, for everyone who depends on it!

Now, where to begin?

Here’s a list of some small steps we can all take to make a big difference. Choose a few that seem doable and that will make the most impact in your life.

No one can do it all at once, but we can all get started!

break free from bottled water

The world has a 500 billion disposable water bottle per year habit and it’s time to quit.

Not only does it take tremendous resources to extract, bottle, and ship both the water and the oil to produce the bottles, but some of the most popular bottled water brands are just filtered tap water from municipal sources!

Purchasing a reusable water bottle & filling up from the tap can save an average person up to $250/year alone. Trade in your plastic water bottle habit for a reusable, to save the environment and waste while saving you money.

carry your own cutlery

Eating on the go is a regular pattern for millions of people. Unfortunately, it results in a tremendous amount of single-use packaging that will quickly be thrown away.

A recent study in San Francisco shows that 67% of the city’s street litter comes from disposable food and beverage packaging. It is no wonder that plastic forks are among the top ten types of litter found on beaches throughout the state!

Disposable cutlery and the pollution it causes doesn’t have to come at the cost of convenience. Carry your own set of cutlery and you’ll always be prepared to dine on the go!

carry your own coffee mugs

We use 50 billion disposable coffee cups a year in this country, and they are usually made from unsustainably sourced materials. They’re also coated with a plastic lining, which prevents them from being composted or recycled in most cases.

And all those plastic lids, straws and stirrers become waste just moments after they’re used!

Coffee lovers can bring their own reusable cup and straw for a more sustainable habit, helping to reduce the enormous environmental impact this industry has had on the planet while still enjoying their morning joe.

pass on plastic produce bags

One million plastic bags are produced each minute on Earth. And as they each take up to 1,000 years to break down, they will continue to harm wildlife and the environment for generations to come.

Most of the time produce doesn’t actually need to be put in a bag making all that extra plastic unnecessary.

After all, this produce grew in the dirt and we’re going to wash it anyway, right?

Use as little as possible. And please, if you must, take only what you need.

embrace buying in bulk

You can find so many essential goods here, like grains, beans, nuts, and lots of tasty options for snacks and cereals. Some shops even provide olive oil, spices, and beauty products, and generally at a better price than conventionally packaged products.

Bring in your own reusable containers and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying a cheaper, zero waste alternative to packaged goods!

go grass to glass

Try out milk in a glass bottle, and participate in today’s modern interpretation of yesterday’s classic bottle exchange program. The milk man was onto something good! Plus, didn’t you know milk tastes better in glass?

Milk sold in reusable bottles is the best way to enjoy its full, rich flavor: even better, it also keeps hundreds of thousands of milk cartons and plastic packaging out of the waste stream.

Now that’s something to cheers to!

good things await you

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