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We’re pleased to offer online ordering via our Mecarto storefront for next day delivery or pickup. You can shop below or on our Mercato page.

Our aim is to offer consumers the same selection and quality as we offer in our store with the convenience of ordering from the comfort of their home, in the office, or on-the-go. If there is a product that we sell in our store that you don’t see available online, please let us know.

Thank you for your patience as we do our best to serve you.

Due to Coronavirus Shelter In Place, we are experiencing higher demand than normal. In general, we don’t call customers regarding order substitutions or item cancellations. We will be enforcing item limits as they exist in our store. However, if more than 15% items per order are effected we will reach out to you. We cannot guarantee we will be able to remedy your order based on a number of factors but we will try. If an item was canceled from your order, please wait 2-4 business days for your charge to adjust.

Who is shopping for my groceries?
Your groceries are shopped for by an Alameda Natural Grocery Online Ordering team member.

What safety precautions do you take?
Safety precautions taken include wearing a face mask while shopping, wearing gloves, and using sanitized shopping carts or baskets.

Where are the groceries coming from?
Everything is picked directly from our store.

Who is delivering my groceries?
Mercato uses third party delivery systems like Doordash or Postmates to safely transport your groceries. The drivers are not aware of the contents of the bags.

Will everything be included in my order?
We will try. Sometimes items sell out in the store before your order is shopped.You will not be charged for something you don’t receive. If you are missing a product that your invoice shows as charged, please contact us.

Why is something out of stock?
Some manufactures are spreading thin their deliveries to many stores due to high demand. Please keep checking our inventory. We update our inventory nightly but due to current shopping habits, what stays on the shelf is unexpected. Some things might be out of stock but it should only be a small percentage if it is. We may replace items for similar items if you allow us to.

Will I get a call to replace items?
We will call only if you select “Contact Me To Verify”. There is an option of allowing the shopper to make the best possible replacements for you, by selecting “Replace Out Of Stock Items”. We recommend this option only if there are no allergies or dietary restrictions. You can add a note to any item you put on your list mentioning, for instance, acceptable substitutes or other details. We encourage you to leave notes under an item such as, “blueberry or everything bagel is ok.”

Can I change my order after I submit it?
Unfortunately not, orders are fulfilled once they are completed.

What if there is a problem with my order?
Please contact us at (510) 865-1500 and ask for a Mercato Team member for any clarifications regarding what items are in your order. For delivery questions or account questions please contact Mercato at (844)-699-2776.

What is the delivery fee?
There is a $12.49 fee to have an order delivered to your door. Mercato offers free delivery with their subscription service Mercato Green. You can learn more about at

Is there a minimum order amount?
Yes, the minimum order is $35.00.

Can I tip?
The tip that you may choose to include in your delivery will only go to your Mercato delivery driver. At the moment, there is no online way to directly tip the Alameda Natural Grocery members.

Can I order the same day?
Our soonest available open slots for pick up or delivery will be the next day of when you place your order.

You say you only sell organic produce, but not all produce on your site is listed as organic. Is it?
Yes, all of the produce offered on the site is organic. Sometimes items get uploaded without the word organic, but it is our guarantee that all produce items are organic.

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