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Capay Organic Fruits & Vegetables is a second generation organic farm secluded in the Coastal Range’s Capay Valley. The farm was founded by Kathleen Barsotti and Martin Barnes in 1976 during the early stages of the organic foods movement. Understanding the sometimes harmful methods of modern agriculture, they realized that there was a need for an alternative, sustainable and natural product. Kathleen, Martin and several fellow students developed a student farm where they were able to begin farming organically. Eventually, Kathy and Martin purchased a 20-acre patch of Starthistle, establishing the first organic farm in the Capay Valley.

The Capay Valley’s distinct micro-climate and soil type create an environment in which allows Capay Organic Fruits & Vegetables to produce a wide range of seasonal fruits and vegetable year round. In addition, each crop grown on the farm is carefully selected to produce the best tasting product on the market. They pride themselves on regularly introducing unique crops; sweet pea flowers, ambrosia melons, and cherry and heirloom tomatoes are a few of the crops that Capay was first to introduce to the marketplace.

Throughout the years, the demand for Capay OrganicFruits & Vegetables’ produce has grown the farm from its original 20-acres to 300-acres. They are still family owned and operated to this day by Kathleen & Martin’s four sons who continue to employ the same dedicated methods of farming.

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