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Alameda Natural Grocery is an all-in-one natural health foods store. Our selections are vast, but shopping here is always manageable. We offer a produce section that entirely organic. We have many choices fo those with special diets, large supplements and personal care departments with a dedicated and well-educated staff, as well as eco-friendly household goods, and more. Explore our departments to learn more.


Our Grocery Department features an extensive selection of all-natural and organic foods. We proudly feature many Bay Area-based companies. We offer many options for those with special diets, including many gluten-free groceries, raw food choices, non-GMO goods and more. Within our Grocery Department, we also offer a large bulk foods section, a substantial perishables section, green and sustainable household goods and more.

organic produce

We have a large organic produce section featuring the best seasonal produce. We buy as local as we can, and our selection is entirely organic or wildcrafted. We proudly offer many farm-direct items from many local farms. We receive our organic produce daily to ensure our product is fresh for you. We are about as close to a farmer’s market you will find in a store.


Our Wellness Department consist of both our supplements and personal care goods. We carry a vast selection of clean, natural and organic supplements, vitamins, and nutritional support goods. Our natural beauty department features clean, chemical-free hair and skin products, makeup, grooming and body care goods.

front end

Our front end is often your first and last interaction with our staff. We’ve made it a point to provide you with the friendliest and most efficient yet personable service we can from some of the raddest people you’ll meet.


Also known as “Upstairs.” We have a small, but dedicated staff working to help the store and employees run smoother, find greater happiness and more growth. This department includes our President, General Manager, Human Resources, Marketing, Operations, and Inventory crew.

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