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When you shop our produce department you’ll never have to wonder whether you’re in the “Organics” section or not. You are. 100% of our produce is 100% organic or wildcrafted all of the time.

Beautifully displayed and unique selections of healthy, nourishing and fresh organic produce await you in our Produce department. There’s no need to look for a little kiosk with a limited selection of organics, you’re all good here.

Because supporting our local and CA-based farms and farmers is so important to us, we deal directly with a wide assortment of farms to bring you the freshest and cleanest produce around. During peak seasons, we work to bring as much farm direct goods to the store, much of which will have been harvested the same morning. It doesn’t get fresher than that.

And by supporting our local organic farms, we also know we are contributing to healthier working conditions and better standards of living for those who produce our food.

In addition to dealing farm direct, we also work with some of the Bay Area’s most respected distributor in the organics market. This allows us to carry an incomparable and unique selection of foods you simply will not find in a conventional market.

While it is our goal to bring as much of the produce we get from local and CA farms, we do provide some imported produce staples year-round that simply cannot flourish during a particular season.

With such an abundance of choice, we recognize the importance of customer service our team members provide. Our staff works not only on keeping the displays stocked and beautiful, but also cultivate their knowledge to better assist you. Our friendly and well-informed team member are always willing to offer insight, advice, tips and fantastic customer service to you.

Shopping our produce department is akin to having a dedicated, year-round, organic farmer’s market, seven days a week.

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