Paperless Parties

Paperless Parties Alameda Natural Grocery

Take Out the Trash – Ditch Disposables at Your Next Event

East Bay Natural Grocers offers FREE reusable plates, tableware, glasses, and napkins for your gatherings.

Why Paperless Parties?

You can’t be expected to bring or use all your own dishes and cutlery to gatherings you host. But using disposables creates a lot of waste, and we hate that. Paperless Parties is a FREE* service that eliminates your need to use disposable paper plates, cups, plastic cutlery, and trashy napkins for your parties and events.

How Does it Work?

We have acquired a collection of 200 sets of plates, cups, dining utensils, and napkins through the help of generous grants and our own contributions. We lend out these sets when you need them.

As this is a new initiative, availability is open. Just drop us an email and let us know your needs and we will help you have a more sustainable event. It’s really that easy.

Ready to Lose Some Waste?

About Booking a Set

We have a few easy requirements to meet in order to get a set.

  • We have a minimum order of 20
  • We need at least one week’s notice prior to event (email us here)
  • You must be able to pick up, and return, at one of our two locations.
  • You agree to the terms & instructions
  • We also request you display our provided signage to minimize loss, and to help spread the word.

Wasting Away


Thanks to those who have used our Paperless Parties service, that’s how many estimated disposables have been diverted from the waste stream.

How much can you save?


What’s in a kit?

Each kit contains a reusable plate, a spoon, fork, knife, tumbler cup, and one cloth napkin.

Do you cater?

Our food service operation, Tomato Eats, can make you some really delicious food.

We do NOT offer serving, waitstaff, decorations, party favors, presents, or other event needs.

No, you are not required to clean your kits. We wash and sanitize all kits at our kitchen facilities. But, we do appreciate returning them as tidy as possible. DON’T FORGET TO COMPOST YOUR FOOD WASTE!

Do I need to clean them when we’re done?

Do you provide instructions?

Yes. Each “rental” comes with supporting materials to make your event a complete success including signage for guests and checklists for hosts.

Do you deliver the kits?

No, unfortunately not. You can pick up your kit at them at either of our locations, Alameda Natural Grocery or Castro Valley Natural Grocery. You can drop off at either spot too.

Where do I pick them up?

You can pick up your kit at them at either of our locations, Alameda Natural Grocery or Castro Valley Natural Grocery. You can drop off at either spot too.

*It’s FREE??

Yes! For the time being. Paperless Parties is a free service thanks in part to the generous help from our nonprofit partners, and because we want folks to use it. Once it becomes too labor intensive, and we have to keep replacing items we’ll charge a nominal fee. Beats throwing money away though.

Our Partners

Paperless Parties is a service provided by East Bay Natural Grocers, Inc. but is made possible in part by generous donations and grants by these great forward-thinking organizations.

City of Alameda

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Need Some Eats?

Our food service operation, Tomato Eats, can cater your event.
We use only ingredients fit for sale at our stores, including only organic produce, non-GMO chickens, clean & natural cheese, and everything is made fresh and from scratch in our Castro Valley kitchen.
It’s sustainably-centered food for every body.

Rental Resources

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