sb 1383 – california’s organic waste reduction law

sb 1383 – california’s organic waste reduction law

This New Year, let’s resolve to live lighter and make less waste.

A new California ordinance called SB 1383 is ready to help.

Beginning January 2022, businesses, institutions, multi-unit households, and everyday Californians will be expected to properly sort all the waste used and thrown away, to ensure that all recyclable and compostable materials go in the right bin, and as little goes to the landfill as possible.

Businesses will also need to make sure all the waste receptacle are properly labeled and color coded; that there’s recycle and compost bins next to every trash can; that all employees and tenants of the building are educated on how to dispose of waste; and to periodically inspect the bins to find out what items maybe ending up in the wrong place.

We’ve all seen the effects of waste making it into places where it’s not supposed to be: clogging up ecosystems, harming animals that accidentally ingest it while looking for a bite to eat, while making beautiful places, well…. less beautiful.

SB 1383 is the most significant waste reduction mandate to be adopted in California in the last 30 years.

Our shared efforts will help the state reduce organic waste disposal 75% by 2025, which is more than 20 million tons annually. And for food generating businesses like ours, it will increase edible food recovery 20% by 2025.

Plus, by reducing the amount of compostable materials (food scraps, paper, damp or greasy cardboard, yard trimmings) going to the landfill, we are also preventing emissions of short-lived climate pollutants (SLCP’s), which contribute significantly to global warming and affect human health.

To learn more about it SB 1383 and what you need to do, please visit

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